Appraisals & Valuation


Retaj hires some of the best licensed real estate evaluators in Doha. We adopt an objective and fair approach to valuating real estate in a fast high accurate manner. Our approach combines market profound studies and its changes, and offers landlords potential improvement areas for maximizing returns on assets.

Yes. We can help you to increase your savings


We have evaluated the assets and properties of major companies and institutions in Doha such as Al Jazeera Finance, Qatar charity and Eid charity, in addition to our mandate by individuals and the courts to evaluate the properties disputed in cases of dividing the estate, inheritance, project financed by banks and cases of mortgage.

Our team members have the accreditations, experience and current market knowledge to provide solutions and expert opinions to all manners of real estate valuation and consultation.

Our Valuations service covers the following areas:

  • Cost of land.
  • Cost of constructions.
  • Current market prices.
  • Develop technical reports after conducting an on-site inspection of the work of architectural, electrical, plumbing and electromechanical.
  • Review and confirm all related documents and certificates of security, guarantees and conformity with reality.
  • Develop reports with the general situation of the buildings and assess its construction works.

Our deep understanding of the fundamentals of real estate and the Market allows our clients to receive maximum benefit from our auction services.

Our Auction services include:

  • Professional Auctioneers.
  • Free Auction Appraisal.
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Well-equipped Auction halls at prime locations